Weekend of Love

This weeks food is meant to give Sandy and I many more veggies. Two soups , one stew and fruity pebbles muffins! This weekend my family got a little larger because my little sister married her best friend  it was a beautiful wedding and I’m very happy for her. My brother and sister in law also got a puppy Sunday! So with everything going on this weekend it was hard in regards to eating my veggies. I made all of my food in

Soup #1 detox soup – looking forward to eating all these veggies! And good quality cleansing things like garlic and ginger and turmeric

Fruity pebble muffins look and smell delicious and I’m looking forward to those this week too!!


Detox soup & muffin!
Detox soup & muffin!

Soup #2 Kale and White Bean soup. This soup created such an aroma in my home I can not wait to eat this!


Stew- Chicken and dumplings!! I’m so excited to eat this I can’t wait ! I’ve made it before so it’s delicious!

Chicken n dumplings
Chicken n dumplings




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