Well- I am starting a blog I guess. Ive been told quite a few times by my friends that they look forward to my weekly posts with my food pictures. So I decided I would try my hand at blogging about it. I try really hard each week to make all my food on Sundays. Its a great day for me when I can wake up and spend the day in the kitchen.

This week I focused on cleaning out my pantry and freezer. I found some out of date items that needed to be tossed and I also was able to make some great meals!

In my freezer I had a bag of portuguese rolls (delicious only when fresh) so I turned it into a pan of stuffing! I also had some Seitan with gravy to make PoBoys with! I also had a mason jar of Butternut Squash soup which would cover lunch for Sandy and myself one day.

From the pantry I had sushi rice and wrappers – so that was an easy lunch. I also had a plethora of canned beans, chili it is!

This is my first post and I’m still figuring out the site. So please be patient and I am sure that they will be awesome. I hope to be able to add in the recipes to some as well.


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